Executive Team

Our Managing Partners and Board of Directors bring a combined 50 years of global experience to the company across law, investment banking, corporate finance, management consulting, project management, technology, construction and property development and are committed to ensuring the delivery of our clients’ goals and key objectives.

We, as an organization, are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and enable them to achieve their company objectives and goals.

Abi Habib Abdulelah (Chairman)

Abi Habib has worked for a representative of US Congress, a leading PR firm in the WPP Group, a global engineering/construction services/consultancy based in Switzerland, with a regulated digital assets exchange as well as founding Maximum Solutions.

Abi Habib holds a B.A. from the University of San Francisco, a Master’s degree in business from the EPFL in Lausanne and a degree of law (LLM) from the University of Edinburgh in International Law & Commercial Practice.

Hammuz Amin Zaher (Managing Partner)

Hammuz worked for over four years on several high profile civil engineering projects for London Underground and Transport for London. Subsequent to his employment in the railway industry, Hammuz joined the real estate arm of a UAE government owned Investment Company where he worked on both UAE and international real estate projects.
Hammuz has been involved in the successful planning and delivery of numerous projects on a global scale. Hammuz also has extensive experience within the UAE Food & Beverage sector in terms of distribution, government approvals and property development requirements as a current Managing Partner in a UAE restaurant enterprise.
Hammuz holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Bristol and has been a chartered member of the UK Institution of Civil Engineers since 2009.

Alshathri Fahad (Managing Partner)

Alshathri has extensive experience in Engineering having worked for WSP, a leading consultancy in the UK for over five years. Moreover, he has worked for a leading government stakeholder in the UAE specializing initially in technology business development & strategy where he engaged with multiple stakeholders across several business sectors. Alshathri’s current role focuses on global acquisition / investment as well as asset management in natural resources and mining projects.
Alshathri holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Bristol.

Barbour Mu'taz (Managing Partner – Kuwait)

Based in Kuwait, Barbour Mu'taz is a Director of a leading investment company and sits on the Board of Directors of several companies in the business sectors of real estate and logistics in Kuwait. In his current Directorial position, Mu'taz has executed over 10 large scale real estate deals in Kuwait valued in excess of $200 million USD and has recently launched a $60 million USD real estate fund with over 90 investors both private and institutional. Mu'taz’s previous work focused on international strategic acquisitions and JVs for a major Logistics company including deals executed in Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.
Mu'taz is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business.

Abdulelah AlSuria (Legal Manager)

Abdulelah AlSuria is an experienced professional with several years’ experience in Labor Law, Contracts, Corporate/Commercial Law, Property, Construction, real estate law, drafting of international contracts, Commercial Arbitration. He has worked with some of the largest Law firms in Riyadh working on several high profile cases such as the liquidation of one of the largest car companies in Saudi Arabia which included extensive work at the Execution Court with over 600 cases. His experience within the private and government sectors throughout his professional career has provided for an extensive knowledge of the country’s complex regulatory system. Abdulelah AlSuria holds a B.A. in Law from King Saud University.